Hi everyone, we are really delighted to announce that all of our orders are now available on Opensea. Finally we paid the gas fees for everyone so that you can purchase our Orders and Medals from this link!

Orders and Medals Club aims to transfer traditional, cultural and historical collections to blockchain technology by usinf NFTs. For beginning of the our project, we use Opensea platform to exhibit our orders. They are for sale for the ones who know the value of them.

Each order has its historical background. While carrying the history behind it, also it gives a pride and honour to owner. That’s why every honored person should own at least one!

Become one of the owners of our orders! Go to our OpenSea account and purchase one! Waiting for you

Orders and Medals Club

Orders and Medals Club

Orders and Medals Club is an Etherium Blockchain project. It aims to bring past to the future!